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Don’t miss the 2017 Early Order Program!

Our Customers Say,
“Planet Turf has the best disease prevention programs at the best price.”

Planet Turf’s Early Order Program will provide the assurance of disease control with maximum savings. Bundle your purchase of pesticides for this winter with Planet Turf’s entire line of fertilizers and save even more!

Simple and Easy:
1. QUALIFY – Order $2500 of qualifying* products by September 15
2. CHOOSE AWARD – up to 10% discount on entire order, or receive a rebate equal to 10% of the order, or
select payment terms that fit your budget.
3. FREE SHIPPING – $3500 orders pay no shipping

Click to read our flyer for more details: PLANET TURF® EARLY ORDER PROGRAM 2017



At Planet Turf, we believe in the continual search for better products and methods that will achieve goals with less input, creating longer lasting results, and save money in the long run.  We want to be your favorite company to work with when you are looking for products and services for the Turf , Landscape & Ornamental Industry. We are always ready to answer any questions you may have about  the management of your land.   Please, never hesitate to contact us. 


PLANET TURF CUTS RIBBON ON NEW WAREHOUSE at 6422 East 2nd Avenue in Spokane Valley Washington

Jim and Amy Connolly, with Planet Turf Staff cutting the ribbon on the new warehouse.

 6422 east 2nd ave
Spokane Valley, WA 99212